Take advantage of a medical care program to earn it.

Medical careservice Premiumservice Premium +
Clinics8 clinics8 clinics
Guarantee of a deadline for an acute procedure / examinationuntill 24 hoursuntill 24 hours
Guarantee of the deadline for the procedure / examinationuntill 10 daysuntill 10 days
Priority orders for required examinations or proceduresxx
Online consultation 6 days a weekxx
Telephone consultation with a doctorxx
Open in the eveningxx
Open on weekends by appointmentxx
Online doctor’s appointmentxx
Client line for premium servicexx
Care Coordinatorxx
Preventive inspection2x yearly2x yearly
Dental Emergency7 days in a week7 days in a week
Discount on dermatological procedures10 %10 %
Discount on additional sales of the Dental Clinic Hradčanská10 % 10 %
Discount on dental hygiene10 %10 %
No surcharges for care paid for by health insurance companiesxx
The individual examinations and procedures follow each other in timex
Premium program for a family member for 3 months with a 50% discount (1x per year)x
In acute cases, one-time treatment of a family member in priority termsx
Personal doctor care (chief physician of the clinic)x
Price per person per month1 600 CZK3 000 CZK

VIP membership

Tailor-made program of medical examinations, consultations and prevention program. 

● Preferred treatment by the head or the chief physician.
● Preventivní prohlídky zdarma napříč klinikami 
● Vybrané služby se slevou (dentální hygiena, celotělový screening, …)
● Preventivní program a nabídky benefitů našich partnerů

Roční cena program Premium 19.200 Kč / program Premium+ 36.000 Kč